I Brought Kittens. Kittens.

A few weeks ago, Dan Patrick had Chi McBride on his AM radio sports show. Chi (sounds like “Shy”) does one of the best Christopher Walken impressions on the planet, and goes on to tell three classic Walken stories. I ganked the audio and cut it down to just the good stuff: click here to listen to “kittens”

I laughed so hard while listening to that in the car, that I told Michele the story as soon as I got home. The two punchlines of, “I brought kittens. Kittens.” and “Today, I am an alligator” are big hits in our house. Or at least, in my head.

Ryder, however, is always listening. Last weekend was his friend Lulu’s party, held at a Tutu School. It’s a ballet studio for kids that also does elaborate birthday parties. Elaborate girls’ birthday parties. It was a stark comparison of the sexes, even at such a young age. All the little girls donned tutus and ran around dancing. The boys sort of watched from the sidelines. Geneveve, who runs the studio, invited Ryder to participate, and in some of the ballet-play and he declared that, “Here, I am a horse. Neigh!” Score one.

McBride inspired me to get working on my own Walken impression again, something I’ve been meaning to do for years. The other night while we were getting Ryder ready for bed, I gave my best shot at “Today, I am an alligator.” Without hesitation Ryder whipped the toothbrush out of mouth, and in near-perfect pitch declared, “I brought kittens. Kittens!” Score two.

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