Summertime, and the Body is Healing

Summertime always seems to be the time of year when business slows down, the sun stays out later, the opportunity to play more golf becomes a distinct possibility…and I injure myself. Two summers ago we got rear-ended while on vacation in Kauai, and it threw my whole neck and right shoulder out of whack. Just when I thought I was going to really get on a roll on the course, into rehab for my neck go I.

This summer, oddly enough, it was golf that put me on I.R., or at least on the road to the I.R. list. (That sentence alone would be terrifying to me, proof that when I turn 40 next year I’m going to need a walker and a lifetime supply of Advil, if it weren’t for the fact that Tiger is out for a year at age 31 due to excessive golf.) My left shoulder was a little bit sore after a round at Harding, and instead of letting it heal, I opted to swim with it sore.

Three weeks later, and I’m just starting to think about swinging clubs again. I’m sure the healing process would have taken longer, but I have a secret weapon: Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) therapy. A.R.T. was developed by a retired rocket scientist-turned-chiropractor who got tired of seeing his patients come back month after month for the same adjustments. Using external pressure points and in conjunction with movements you perform, A.R.T. breaks up “traps” (scar tissue) that is hindering movement and causing pain, freeing your system up to heal up more efficiently.

The first time I had A.R.T. performed on me was a few months after I found out I have a cracked vertebrae. I had been seeing a physical therapist, but was still limping, still in pain every day. Two treatments later and I was able to start swimming, the limp was gone, and I was on the path to a mostly-normal active life again. My wife always thought I was a little too much of a convert, until she got sciatica in her hips from always carrying our son on the same side. That was when we discovered Dr. Brian Cook, who has an office in the World Gym on De Haro @ 16th Street.

After a couple of treatments, she was calling her father, trying to get him to go in for the arthritis that has crippled his golf game and made his life miserable. Dr. Cook got my car-crash neck fixed up in a couple of visits, and he’s gotten my latest shoulder on the path to recovery as well. I swam for the first time a couple of days ago, and am taking my clubs with me to Alabama for my event there this weekend.

If age and injury are constantly catching up to you, or you simply are recovering from a recent injury, you owe it to yourself to check out A.R.T. Because it’s tough enough to be out on injured reserve for part of the summer; no-one should have to miss all of it.

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