L.L. Cool Jew

Of course you remember his most recognizable #1 hit, “My Yarmulke”

My yarmulke believe me, I wear it proud
I’m the jew with the crew that will rock the crowd
Cruisin’ in my benz, to the dope rhymes I pens
Cashin’ interest hard on the monies I lends.
I’m sorry if you’re not of the tribe
And don’t understand my cool ass jibe
Don’t mean to piss of those who follow the pope
But my bass is loud and my rhymes are dope.
My story is chill, my neighborhood’s not ill
But I still give it all I got, for my own Anim Zemirot
My name is Cool Jew, I get prescriptions filled at Pharmaca
And I couldn’t live without my yarmulke.

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