An Open Letter to the Presidio Trust

Dear Presidio Trust,

Your decision to close Presidio Boulevard and a few “smaller streets” to eliminate “cut-through traffic” is short-sighted, at best. The Presidio is a very unique National Park in the heart of one of the world’s largest and most beautiful cities, and driving through it shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing.

Eliminating through traffic serves one purpose only: justifying the high rents you charge people who live on Simonds Loop, and making them feel as exclusive as the views they have.

I often drive through the Presidio because it is simply a prettier way to get from point A to point B. I like to have a view of trees in my day as I make my way across the city. It’s the same reason I often drive through Golden Gate Park, regardless of the actual traffic patterns there.

I use Presidio Boulevard to get from my house to the Golden Gate Bridge, yes. But I also use Presidio Boulevard to get from my house to the Bowling Alley and Sports Basement. Cut off my route through the Presidio and you cut off my support for those businesses as well.

If you make it more difficult for me to get to those businesses do you think I’ll go even further out of my way to get to them?

Your excuse that the Presidio is a national park, and you want to “improve the situation for visitors” is laughable. What other national parks have bent over backwards to allow George Lucas to build a massive, traffic generating business within them? What other national parks rely upon renting out residential and business buildings to sustain them?

You want less traffic in the Presidio? Kick out all of the business and all of the renters, eliminate the roads and return the park to its natural setting. But don’t make the Presidio just for the people who live in it, especially just the ones who live on Simonds Loop.


Greg Quiroga

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