Probable Cause

Arguably the stupidest license plate I’ve ever seen. Saw this plate on the way in to an event in Danville, and had to stop and take a photo of the front of the car.

But wait, it gets better as you walk around to the back, that is where they’ve added the ever-so-snappy customized license plate frame:

There is so much going on here, I don’t know where to begin. But that’s never stopped me before:

  1. If you really do love Jack Daniels that much, that’s just plain sad. It’s such a middle-of-the-road whiskey. True rednecks drink Jim Beam, and scotch connoisseurs drink single-malt. Declaring one’s love for Jack Daniels is like declaring one’s undying love for Sandra Bullock. Meh.
  2. Declaring your love for an alcoholic beverage upon your license plate is brazen at best, idiotic at worst. No real Jack Daniels drinker would put such a thing upon their plate because no real JD drinker would want to run the risk of ever being pulled over because a real JD drinker would always be running a BAL of %0.10 or better. Always.
  3. “A Shot”? Really? Just one? Panzy.

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