The (Mostly Legal) Guide to Finding the Quarry from The Walking Dead

Bellwood Quarry was one of the iconic settings in season one of The Walking Dead

Let’s say you’re a fan of The Walking Dead visiting Atlanta for a couple of days. And while you’re in town you suddenly decide you’d like to visit that quarry from season one, just North of downtown. Your timeline is tight, however, and you haven’t planned ahead, so none of the “official” options are open to you.

No worries: this step-by-step guide will lead you to the borders of Bellwood Quarry, and even get a look at the gorgeous setting itself – as long as you are willing to take a few risks. Hey, it’s a zombie apocalypse we’re talking about, who isn’t willing to take a few risks?

Search long enough on Google and you’ll find a Four Square checkin that gives you the GPS coordinates for the quarry. Follow the directions to those coordinates, however, and you’ll find yourself at a large gate with a security camera on the other side looking your way. Getting into the paranoid nature of the assignment, I opted to park where my license plate wouldn’t be on camera.

The park surrounding the quarry is huge, offering more than one approach from more than one street. Find your way to the intersection of Johnson Rd and Rockdale St NW. It’s an industrial neighborhood, so keep your head up, and don’t leave anything visible in your car that you’d like to keep. Make your way on foot Southeast along Rockdale St, past the two abandoned houses on your right. Enjoy the sense of adventure brought on by abandoned houses, a complete lack of traffic and the sense of following in Rick or Glen’s footsteps.

Just past the second abandoned house is an overgrown road leading West (right). The road has been blockaded to prevent dumping of trash, but I didn’t see any “No Trespassing” signs anywhere.

Make your way between the debris into the field beyond. Once you are in the field, stay close to the left (South) edge of the field.

You should be able to easily find a path to follow West along the field. Once you get about midway across the field, start looking down and to your left (South) for a way to cut through these woods. Any Walking Dead fan worth one of Daryl’s crossbow bolts will be able to pick out a path leading South through the trees.

If, however, you have lots of time on your hands and are a total Woodbury pussy, make your way all the way across the field to the dirt road and make a left. The rest of the group will be waiting for you when you grow a pair.

The trees get a little thick, but nothing insanely dense. Once you come out on the far side you’ll see a wide open field with a barb-wire fenceĀ  making a perimeter around Bellwood Quarry. Resist the urge to head straight for the South side, and instead following the road towards the North end of the quarry.

Here at the North end you’ll find a gate that would offer the easiest way over the fence and into the quarry, if you were willing to break the law. My lawyers have requested that I point out that the City of Atlanta has Bellwood Quarry fenced off for good reason, and anyone foolish enough to put their life at risk by climbing over an obvious fence to stand on the edge of a cliff does so at their own risk.

The Quarry!

In all seriousness, if you do decide to get a closer look at the quarry, stay the fuck back from the edge.

What looks like a gentle hillside past that initial stand of conifer trees is actually a cliff, waiting to break your legs and make you feel stupid, possibly even dead.

But if you do hop the fence, you’ll be rewarded with your first views of the quarry. And your first real flirtation with danger.

On the outside of the fence, make your way South clock-wise, past the warning-laden security gate. That whole thing about closed-circuit cameras is no lie, as you’ll see soon enough. Continue South along the fence, picking up the trail leading around the perimeter. Note the large pole with 3 security cameras and a solar panel. If you want to touch the bottom of the quarry, you have to make it past this contraption. I didn’t have time.

I wanted The Photo of Atlanta’s skyline as seen in so many shots from season one. So I kept going around the Southern border of the quarry until I was just about at the large power plant, and snapped this photo.

The Atlanta skyline, seen from that angle so familiar to fans of The Walking Dead. Stay out of the power plant. I shouldn’t even have to tell you to stay the fuck out of there, but my lawyers assure me that since I’m encouraging irresponsible behavior I should point out that under no circumstances should you enter the power station.

Make your way counter-clockwise until you come to a large gate. If you were going to try and get a look at the Southern end of the quarry, this gate would give you your best shot to climb over. Should you decide to break the law and put your life at risk, you’d do well to follow the path inside the fence for about 75 feet until you come to the 2 concrete traffic barriers.

The quarry, seen from the Southeast right at sunset. A killer view.

This is as good a view as you are going to get. It is also as dangerous as it gets in here. Just a few feet past those concrete barriers is a sheer cliff, dropping 70 feet to the road below. From the road, it looks to be another 120 feet to the water. Get your photos, but don’t be a hero and try to get the “look how sheer this cliff is!” photo.

Now that you’ve tasted the view of the quarry from the lip, maybe you’re hankerin’ for a closer look. Maybe you’re even feelin’ froggy enough to try and make your way past the security cameras and down to the water. I went totally Dale at this point, and climbed back over the fence and made my way back to my rental car. If you do decide to make a run for the bottom of the quarry, do me a favor and send me a photo. I’d love to see it, and will post it here.

One last sunset shot

9 thoughts on “The (Mostly Legal) Guide to Finding the Quarry from The Walking Dead

  1. Some friends and I made it into the quarry yesterday, and on the path up from the water, we were greeted by 4 cop cars. Unfortunately, because we were caught right next to the security cameras, the cops didn’t have a choice but to arrest us. They were really nice about it, but it is a criminal offense – so after spending the night in jail, I figured I would warn people here :-).

    Apparently, they get calls all the time for trespassers at the quarry and are arresting about 5-15 a weekend. It is a huge waste of time for them – especially because that neighborhood has much bigger issues. Just a heads up…

  2. Wow! I figured those security cameras were the real deal, which is why I didn’t make a run for the bottom of the quarry *at all*. Sorry to hear you got pinched, but just think what an awesome story it will make to your grandkids.

    “Yeah, well, back in my day I spent the night in jail!”

    But thanks for the heads-up, I wholeheartedly appreciate it. And let it be a warning to any others. Oh yeah, and “Pics or it didn’t happen!” ;-)

  3. I was there yesterday. I entered through the Rockdale entrance through the woods and got to the open field. I went all the downhill on a path towards the quarry. Unfortunately, I saw people closer towards the north end of it. So I didn’t get a good look. I did discover looking on Google maps an alternative and possibly easier way to get a view of the west part of the quarry. Travel westward on a street called Grove Pl or something like that. You’ll see a trail blocked off by two concrete barriers. They’re easy to pass. Walk up the trail a bit until you see a not so dense patch of woods on your right, go through it. Tread carefully because I don’t know how close the woods are to the cliff. This leaves you on the southwest part of the Quarry away from people. I suggest you don’t drive a car there because the neighborhood is a bit sketchy (I ride a bmx). Anyway, that’s one legal loophole I found. I live in Atlanta so this will be my 3rd undetected attempt to see the quarry. If u want more info on how to enter the quarry just reply or email me. (P.S. riding a bike is a bit more beneficial upon entering the quarry but I don’t suggest you taking it to the very edge)

  4. So I may or may not have broken into the quarry myself a couple of times…and lived to tell the tales :) Definitely have pics from the bottom too as marched myself all the way down to really check it out. One hell of a hike back to the top too. I’ll find pics and send them for sure

  5. Hey I recently visited the quarry and made it all the way to the bottom. However I took a different route than you did (still had to jump 2 fences though) how can I post a picture to show you?? (I only made this account to reply to you lol

  6. I went yesterday with a friend. We live in Atlanta and I have pictures. We parked in an old neighborhood off the main road. Where and how do I share the pictures? In this comment box?

  7. There were no cameras the way we went and 2 big holes already cut in the fence but we went through both of them before making to the edge of the top of the quarry. We came the heavily wooded area on the opposite side you entered from.

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