meter_2Dear Department of Parking and Traffic:

I am writing to contest citation number 836206324, issued at 4:05pm on Saturday, December 21st, 2013. The DPT representative erroneously ticketed my vehicle when I had paid for time at meter #56806170.

The only reason I can think the DPT rep did this was because meter #56806170 was malfunctioning, displaying flashing red and green lights streetside (see photo #4 enclosed).

I don’t expect you to take my word for this, so follow the attached photographs as proof. We parked at approximately 2:35pm meter_3and paid $12.75 with a debit card: enough time on the meter to last until after 5pm. ( Please see photo of online bank statement)

Immediately after parking at meter #56806170 we met friends at Yerba Buena Center, and then proceeded to the Cartoon Art Museum, where we entered at 3:28pm. I include this receipt only because my online bank statement does not include exact times, and shows the fees being processed on Monday, 12/23/13, but shows them in the order they took meter_4_2place on 12/21/13 – first we paid for parking, then the cartoon art museum. However, I am SURE your system has exact dates, times and debit card numbers, and you can easily look this up in your system to validate my claim. My debit card ends in XXXX.

When I returned to the car at 5pm there was still 12 minutes on the meter (photo 3), but there was a ticket on the windshield.

When I looked at the front of the meter, I saw that the green and red lights were flashing simultaneously (photo 4), and your DPT representative had chosen to interpret that as non-payment, instead of checking to see if we had actually paid at the meter.

Please rescind citation 836206324, send someone to fix meter #56806170 and encourage your representatives to conduct the most cursory of investigation meter_1when a meter is displaying erratic behavior. It will save all of us time.


Greg Q

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