Let Me Take You Back

The Q Chronicles, Volume 1: Let Me Take You Back

A retrospective, of sorts…
There was a party at DNA Lounge recently called “Class of ’94.” It featured Djs from back in the day, spinning songs from the way back, and word on the street was that everyone who ever was someone in the ‘Frisco rave scene came out of the closet to get on down. I couldn’t make it out because it happened to conflict with a certain poker night I’ve been organizing as of late, but it got me reminiscing as well.

See, I haven’t been buying a lot of records lately, but I have been spinning; going back and rediscovering a lot of my favorite old tracks. I love the joy found in hearing a track that makes you pump your fist in the air, shake your ass, or tap your feet. As of late I’ve really been obsessing on some of my favorite old 4X4, including Dj Dan’s Zipper Track, and this mix includes three versions of that track, all mixed into one long sequence. I think it’s a hoot.

As I finished up Let Me Take You Back I started planning a complete anthology of all my records, in mix form. Let Me Take You Back is the first installment in The Q Chronicles, a project I estimate will span over 16 mixes, and probably take until summer. While technically wanting (there are at least four off-beats I’ve found in this mix), it is extremely fun, and not all of these tracks made it on to mixes that made it on to this site. So take a download, and let me take you back through some of my old faves.

Track List: The Q Chroncles, Volume 1: Let Me Take You Back
[Download: 72.5mb]

Ribs Lift Off moonshine
Mad Dogs Sudden Journey (Hyper & Rhymes Mix) Bedrock Breaks
Rockafellas Da Boss Track (The X-Men’s Mix) White Label
Dj Dan Needle Damage “That Zipper Track” (If You Ear Mix) moonshine
Dj Dan Needle Damage (Needle Dubbage Mix) moonshine
Dj Dan Needle Damage (Speaker Phreaker Mix) moonshine
Dj Who Crusher (Pilgrem Edit) TCR
Jason Nevins vs. Eric B. & Rakim I Know You Got Soul (Breakz Mix) Radikal Records
Rennie Pilgrem Black Widow (Uberzone Mix) TCR
Dj Fixx Drum Rollin Kaleidoscope
Krafty Kuts Dangerous Finger Lickin’ Records
Stabilizer Nitzer (General Midi Remix) Plastic Raygun
Plump Djs Donna Kebab Black Label
Roland Clarke Time of the Night (Phil Kieran Breaks Vocal) Skint
Santos Gimme Da Mike (Lee Coombes Acid Dub) Incentive
Plump Djs The Funk Hits The Fan Finger Lickin’
PMT Gyromancer (False Prophet Mix) Distinctive Breaks

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