The Q Chronicles, Volume 2: Somebunny Dubs You

The Latest Project: The Q Chronicles, Volume 2: Somebunny Dubs You

A retrospective, of sorts…

I’m on a mission. I’m out to use every record in my collection in a mix, thereby recording my entire collection. It all started when, not having been shopping for records in a while, I began going back through my entire collection, spinning tracks from the way back. I spun one mix, Let Me Take You Back, that went all the way back to the first breaks track I ever bought (Uberzone, Black Widow) and was so much fun that I opted to turn it into a project, if you will.

So I’m recording my entire collection. What does that mean? Obbsessive compulsive that I am, I’ve invented all sorts of rules for myself regarding this project, including:

  1. At least one song from every album will be used. In the event of multi-disc sets, such as Pigrem’s Tribalism, only one song need be used, but many tracks can be used, if so desired;
  2. Any album that does not get used must be sold;
  3. Remixes of the same track count as individual tracks, and must be spun accordingly;

To start off the second installment in the Q Chronicles, I couldn’t help but fire off with the latest Dub Pistols track, Soul Shaker. That thing is just so much fun, and takes Somebuddy Dubs Me in exactly the direction I wanted to start off with the other afternoon. I’ll quit stating the obvious, like “the mix includes some of my all-time favorite tracks” and “goes all the way back to some of the first tracks I bought.” Instead, I’ll say that it is so much fun to rediscover the eariler works of the likes of Tipper, Son of the Electric Ghost, and Dj Icey.

Track List: The Q Chroncles, Volume 2: Somebunny Dubs You
[Download: 72.5mb]

Dub Pistols Soul Shaking (DJ Touche Vocal Mix) Distinctive
N.E.R.D. Rock Star (Nevins Classic Club Blaster) Virgin
Incredible Melting Man vs. Scissorkicks Funky Plaid Coat (Scissorkicks’ remix) 2Wars
Lumidee Never Leave You (Booty Dub) White Label
Capoeira Twins feat. Jennifer Wallace Flick the Switch hope
son of the electric ghost bring it bless records
Tipper Furlong Fuel
Terminalhead Mind of Your Own (Zed Bias & Spee Edit) Kilowatt
Freq Nasty One More Time Skint
Raw As F**K The Slammer Against The Grain
X-Men vs LFO Freaks White Label
Mc Skibadee Man-a-Man (DJ Deekline & Dreg Mix) Rat Records
Outlaw Breaks Unique Left Records
Bassbin Twin What’s That Sound Spider Cuts
Rennie Pilgrem & Meat Katie Atmosphere TCR
Strictly Underground Check This Bass (Ruff Remix) UK Underground
Superfly & Shakka We Come Sweet Party Wax
Terminalhead Breaking Rules (Terminalhead Skank) Kilowatt
Almighty Beatfreakz Resident Soundboyz Distinctive

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