The List

I am a firm believer in the power of words: put it out there in writing, commit to it, and the universe delivers. Here are some of the big things I am going to do in this life:

  • Watch the Masters, in person
  • Break 90 on a golf course with a slope of 110 or higher (Shot an 88 on Haggin Oaks’ Alister MacKenzie golf course on 10/2/09. Slope 120, rating 70.4)
  • Break 85 on a golf course with a slope of 110 or higher
  • Visit the pyramids of Egypt
  • Walk upon the Great Wall of China
  • Visit the grand canyon
  • Watch the Superbowl in person.
  • Build a company that generates $1million in revenue annually
  • Play a round of golf on Augusta, and break 100
  • Buy a house in San Francisco
  • Put my son through college
  • Play a round of golf at TPC Sawgrass
  • Learn ASL – Fluently
  • “Discover” and buy a piece of art from a local artist
  • Take a second honeymoon
  • Watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in person
  • Play nine holes of golf with my son (played nine holes of golf together at Golden Gate Park on father’s day, 2011)

3 thoughts on “The List

  1. Here’s my running commentary (whether you wanted it or not)

    Masters – if you get access to tix let me know – I am all over it. Funny thing though about the town of Augusta Ga is that it is little more than white trash grits joints and go-go dance halls. The main road outside Augusta National is a whole different world.

    Breaking 90 – You are on your way on this one

    Pyramids – totally agree – although I want to know more about WHY they are there….it’s all about the Aliens man……

    Great Wall – did you mean walk the entire length? Geez talk about blisters…..

    Grand Canyon – Been there, done that – worth a trip, but wait till the spud grows up enough to enjoy it as well

    Superbowl – here’s where I have to disagree with your aspiration….sources tell me it’s an overrated experience, plus don’t you feel like you would miss the best thing about the game (last years epic notwithstanding) – the commercials?

    Here’s my brief non thought out list (again don’t care if you don’t care)

    *Watch the British Open in person (my favorite tourney) – combined with a golf safari to Scotland and Ireland to play the bump and run links-style game that is offered in this region of the world

    *Break Par for regulation 18 holes (and average sub 80’s for a 6 month period) – I have broken par for 9 holes before (best score for 9 holes was a 35 for the first 9 at Gleneagles…was -2 after 10 Holes, then even par after 13…then bogey, bogey, bogey, bogey, bogey for a 77)

    Visit New Zealand – it’s just so dang pretty there

    Close a Multi – Million Dollar deal

    Pay for my dad and I to play Pebble Beach together (already notched Cypress and SFGC with pops)

    Sure there is more – but that’s all for now….boy, in looking at this list I am a shallow individual!

  2. Regarding the Superbowl: I’ve seen the NCAA Championship decided in person a number of times at the Orange Bowl. When Eric Bieniemy broke free against Notre Dame for a sure-fire, go-ahead, game-winning touchdown and fumbled it off of his own thigh pad in an open field with no-one between him and the end-zone my brother and I were right there on the 35 yard line, 20 rows back.

    I just want to see the spectacle in person. To know. And my list is far from complete, I just haven’t had time to update it much. Playing at Augusta is on there as well. In fact, I think I’ll add it now.

  3. I would submit that the toughest item to check off your list would be to buy a house in SF….

    Lord have mercy on our bank accounts.

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