My name is Greg Quiroga, and for a long time my friends have just called me Q. I am a loving husband, dedicated father, hardworking fundraising auctioneer, and mediocre golfer. That last one is tough for me: I’ve always been good at becoming an expert at things on a steep learning curve. So quick, that my friends have turned my nickname into a verb:

Q, verb, to focus on a subject or technique until achieving mastery in an extremely short period of time.

This is me at work. Srsly.

I am notorious for getting “in” to something and achieving “Entry Level Expert” ranking insanely quickly. It is a combination of an ability to learn quickly, the talent to transform theory into action, and a love of repetition.

I live for mastery, it is part of me, it is something I need to stay sane. I live life with passion, curiosity, a strong desire to learn, and a need to hone a skill. I’m not afraid to fail miserably, but I never take failure lightly. Often I burn out on a particular subject and move on, or get tired of being stuck at a particular plateau and look for a newer learning curve I can make as steep as possible. A few things have kept me engaged for many, many years, but the others have resulted in a garage full of no-longer used equipment.

I live in San Francisco with my wife and our teenage son. We love this town, with all of its challenges, and are finding ways to build community for our family.

I have my own fundraising auction company, Stellar Fundraising Auctions, and we help raise over $15 million annually for over 80 clients nationwide. I work and play in a dreamworld, and still strive to live a very grounded life.