DJ Mixes

A long time ago, in a life very far, far away I spun records. Sometimes in clubs, sometimes at underground parties in sex dungeons, and lots and lots of times in my living room. I’d record these mixes, and share them with friends and co-workers. Then, when online storage became affordable, I started storing them here, for you.

The Q Chronicles, Volume 1: Let Me Take You Back
The first installment in The Q ChroniclesLet Me Take You Back reaches back to the very first breaks record I ever bought, and beyond. This mix spans over five years worth of music and collecting, and was so much fun to spin, it launched me on my most obsessive-compulsive project to-date. Take a download and enjoy, while me and the decks reminisce about days gone by, and beats that still make the booty move.
[Let Me Take You Back: 72.5 Mb] [track list]

The Q Chronicles, Volume 2: Somebunny Dubs You

A retrospective, of sorts…

To start off the second installment in the Q Chronicles, I couldn’t help but fire off with the latest Dub Pistols track, Soul Shaker. That thing is just so much fun, and takes Somebuddy Dubs Me in exactly the direction I wanted to start off with the other afternoon. I’ll quit stating the obvious, like “the mix includes some of my all-time favorite tracks” and “goes all the way back to some of the first tracks I bought.” Instead, I’ll say that it is so much fun to rediscover the eariler works of the likes of Tipper, Son of the Electric Ghost, and Dj Icey.

Track List: The Q Chroncles, Volume 2: Somebunny Dubs You
[Download:Sombunny Dubs You 72.5mb] [track list]

There and Back Again
Embark on a sonic journey from the shire through some of the deepest, darkest regions of my collection and back. There and Back Again is a two and a half hour set split into two seperate mixes and posted here for all of those who care to take their adventures one download at a time.
[There:75mb] [Back Again: 75mb] [track list for both]

I’ve always been a fan of numerical significance. I’ve never forgotten the number of my first very own phone line, thanks to a little mnemonic equation: 4+5=9-3=6+3=9. So it is only fitting that on January 2, 2003 (1/2/3) — a mere 737 days after I bought my turntables — I threw down a mix managing to combine the myriad elements in my collection. It features music from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Texas, Florida and London, recorded by artists who are friends, acquaintances, new discoveries on my part or long-time idols. Included are samples from tracks from my childhood (Devo trainspotters take note), and brand new catchy hooks that stick in my head for days (“…baby, I got your money…”). Simply put, on the 737th day, I done spun a good mix..
[download: 75mb] [track list]

sonic wanderings
I spun the opening set at QooL on September 11th, 2002 and as stoked as I was to be spinning at QooL again, the ramifications of the date weren’t lost on me. 9/11 affected most everyone, and I won’t go into my own reflections here, but I did want to spin a set that was appropriate for the time and space. I went for deep. I went for soulful. I went for a long, slow build, with a fun, partying payoff. It turned out to be one of the cleanest sets I’ve ever spun, from every angle.
[download: 69mb] [track list]

Dog Day Breakfast
Poor, poor Tolstoy had to get a root canal on his lower right canine tooth that week. I opted to spin him some records before he went under. Actually, I opted to spin some records after I dropped him off at the vet. Too bad I can’t always simply wake up, down a cup of coffee, and fire up the decks.
[download: 29mb] [track list]

The World I See
The first mix I posted on this site, I think it is also the only one I don’t have a real good description of. It started with a Fight Club sample I recorded directly from the DVD, and went from there. I was trying out a technique I call establishing a refrain: I’d bring bits of the next track up and “introduce” it well before bringing it in full. It was fun, but awfully busy, and lacking in technical perfection. I got focused on playing around with the next track, and lost out on some beat matching. Basics, Q, basics…
[download: 71mb] [track list]