Back in the saddle

Originally posted June 30, 2010

After more than a year of writing for the Examiner site, I’ve opted to quit writing about golf their way and return to doing what I want when I want here. I know there are exactly zero avid followers out there reading this right now, but somehow it felt more real to put it into writing and put it out there. Like that will somehow bring me back into the fold of writing on a regular basis again.

Writing for someone else was educational, and I quickly learned how to cater my writing style to garner the most clicks. Clicks = pay, and I managed to get over 270,000 clicks last year. bought me new clubs and bought me a new flat-screen TV. In fact, it was pretty much the day that I got said TV that I stopped writing for them.

I quit writing before Thanksgiving, so I missed all of the Tiger Woods meltdown. Thankfully. It was hard enough to watch one of my favorite sports figures fall from grace from a distance, I would have felt dirty profiting heavily from it. And judging from past results, I could have probably gotten a down-payment on a car from his indescretions.

Think of this: there was a tournament where it seemed as if Tiger farted on camera. A link to that video with a catchy headline got me $120.00 in a single day. So very sad. I can only imagine how much scrill I could have cobbled together off of some photos of his porn-star honey. I’m glad I didn’t.

The original goal was to write about golf on my terms: what I like, my own quest to get better, courses I play, etc. I may go pull down some of my equipment and course reviews from Examiner to post here, but more likely I will just keep on keeping on from here. Beautiful thing about the Internet: everything you do stays out here forever. Like herpes.

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