Moscone Who?

Originally posted April 13, 2011

Today at the bank I found myself explaining my job to the personal banking representative who was helping re-establish the free checking I originally signed up for that had somehow changed in the last few months. They teach feigned interest very well at personal banking representative school, because I found myself sharing more and more information as the conversation went on.

Jonathan and Q, having a great time at the 2011 Cal Shakes gala

I became increasingly cognizant of the fact that I was dressed like a slacker while arguing for a whole lot of free banking. This compelled me to explain that I dress down when I work from home, but at events I dress up. Wear a tux. Wear a tux 50+ times a year. Hell, I’m on my 3rd tux. No, not that they go out of style, I wear them out. I felt even more compelled to try and find a good picture that would back my whole story up.

So I flipped through my phone, looking for the perfect picture, and found a self-portrait of me and Jonathan Moscone, taken at Cal Shakes’ event this past March. “Here, check it out: here’s a shot of me with Jonathan Moscone,” I said, figuring that would get a good response.

“Who? I don’t know who that is…” said the kind, but truly unawares personal banking rep.

“Ever hear of Moscone Center?” I asked. “Yeah, that Moscone. His dad? The Mayor? In the movie Milk? Riiiight.”

Seriously, shouldn’t you have to pass some sort of San Francisco History exam if you’re going to call this place your home? Civic pride, people, civic pride. Sadly, I think I left more depressed by the fact that she didn’t know who Jon was than she was impressed by his family’s impact on this city.

Thank God it wasn’t a shot of me and Art Agnos.

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