Random Olympic Thoughts

Originally posted 8/24/08: Some random thoughts from the last 17 days of Olympic coverage:

  • How much carbon did that Olympic torch emit over the course of 17 days?
  • Who holds the patent on the wind-generating flagpole, and where can I get one?
  • During that first drum performance of the opening ceremonies, I couldn’t help but think: “What’s the name of the game? Thumper! Why do we play it? To get…”
  • NBC’s insistence upon time delay for the West coast was completely lame.
  • Handball. No, seriously.
  • If that is what the air looks like “cleaned up” in Bejing, I would hate to see it dirty
  • It’s a boarding staircase, not a ladder, jackass
  • Yao Ming is so tall he can see his house from there, wherever there is

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